Tshwane University of Technology TUT Contact Details, Address, Telephone, Mobile Numbers

Most institutions have different modes of application for prospective students. There are those that allow students to do the process manually, others insist on the online process, whereas there are those that allow for both manual and online application.

The Tshwane University of Technology provides for both online and manual options of sending your request. Each one of the two options has guidelines that the prospective student is expected to fulfil. Being knowledgeable about the TUT online application and requirements is essential.

Emergency Numbers

  • SAP Flying Squad: 10111
  • Campus Protection Services (CPS) 24-hour hotline: 021 650 2222/3
  • Student Health Services: 021 650 1017/1020
  • Ambulance: 999/10177

The South African government finds pride in seeing its citizens educated. The Tshwane University of Technology is one of the institutions where one can enrol in and pursue their programmes of choice in higher learning.

The institution has introduced the TUT online application process as one way of appreciating technology. The steps towards ensuring that the process is a success have been stipulated and made to sound easier than going through the manual application process.